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I used ‘Concrete 4 Goulburn’ for a private project a few weeks back , I needed to core fill a lot of blockwork by bucket (very time consuming), so I ordered around 7m3 – The guys could not have been better to deal with. Craig was an absolute pleasure to deal with and couldn’t help enough over the phone, Richard then delivered to site and again was ultra-accommodating!
I have used another concrete service here in Goulburn previously, where I was slugged with extra fees after the fact without being told prior, quoted $3 a minute ‘wait time’ for anything over 40 mins and generally treated pretty poorly.
I understand this type of work ties the truck up which limits the trucks potential revenue for that day, so It was very refreshing to have a local company who understands we’re not all big business and still need concrete so I cannot thank those guys enough!!
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